Selection of ceiling is interesting to anyone, who has a desire to create a beautiful and original interior of the room, where the ceiling is one of the most important design elements. The company provides you with the opportunity to implement their design ideas in full, having picked up the suspended ceiling in accordance with your request. The choice of color, pattern, texture and size desired stretch ceiling and corresponding to the interior of your premises is a challenge and our specialists will help you solve the flare in a short period of time, doing the job delivered in accordance with your budget and wishes.

Many years of experience in the manufacture and installation of suspended ceilings, allows us to satisfy customer requests with a different vision of their premises. Production of stretch ceilings in the modern, high-tech equipment, applying modern methods of connection joints, photo printing on stretch ceilings, use materials of leading world producers: Lackfolie, Renolit, Alkor Draka, reasonable price, high qualification of our specialists in the manufacture, Assembly and installation of stretch ceilings, wide colours of PVC film, stretch ceilings for dealers.


Plasterboards Celings

Plastering ceilings require very good training plane. To make the plaster ceilings serve long and reliably you must remove the old cover, if it is of course available.

10mm Standard Plasterboads
 13mm Standard Plasterboads
 Acoustic Plasterboads
Fire Retardant Plasterboadrs


Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings is a fast effective solution to the problem of high and uneven ceilings in older homes as well as industrial and public buildings.

Improve Acoustics
 Reduce Noise
 Resist Moisture
 Aid Hygiene