Each design, developed by our professionals has original styling that will be appreciated by a client. No matter what the task is, our company will offer you more than a few projects for your personal approval

"L" Shaped Bulkheads

A box is created against the wall , dropping down from the original ceiling height.

"U" Shaped Bulkheads

Creating a feature in the middle of the room or dividing two areas, a •U• shaped bulkhead.

Double Step Bulkheads

This bulkhead is built with two levels or steps. This design has the tendency

Light Trough Buldheads

A light trough is a gap created above the standard ceiling height in order to produce.

Barrels and Vaults

Extruding barrels are generally used to disguise or conceal air conditioning ducting.


As with most European architecture, the ceiling dome creates the feeling of grandeur.

Various Designs

Designs, produced by our company has no analogues. We always work in different direction, thinking out stylistic appearance that is worth to become an art gem. Fresh approaches allow us to come up with well-made design strategy.